5 Times Beyonce Has Been Accused Of Stealing

Still in the euphoria of mega superstar, Beyonce’s 36th birthday week, with the super-talented now mother-of-three receiving celebratory notes from almost everyone that matters in the industry, we can most definitely conclude that everyone loves Beyonce!

However, as perfect or ‘almost perfect’ Queen Bey’s career has been (dodges The Beyhives), the singer and performer has also had her fair share of controversies, grave to the point that could make her over close to two decades of her professional career come to a jolt almost all at once.

With too much ado, let’s take a look at 5 times Beyonce has been accused of plagiarism or simply put, jacking people’s ideas.


  1. Single Ladies Video

Beyonce’s iconic ‘Single Ladies’ dance routine is part of dance-floor history now – but a video re-emerged online showing how closely it mimics one of its main inspirations.




2. Countdown


The Singer was previously accused of copying the choreography, costumes, and scenes for her “Countdown” music video from another choreographer.



3. Beyonce- ‘Run The World’ Billboard Awards 2011

Beyonce also was accused of taking ideas from Italian performer Lorella Cuccarini. Beyoncé later admitted to having seeing videos of Cuccarini and did acknowledge her as a major source of inspiration.





4. Formation World Tour Opening Act

Beyonce as a singer and performer seems quick to credit anyone who contributes to one of her creative projects. But some disagree. One choreographer, Marlyn Oritz, who’s danced in shows with Fuerza Bruta, an immersive Cirque du Soleil meets Stomp theatrical group, however, disagrees, posting a lengthy Instagram post accusing Beyoncé’s of lifting dance moves from the troupe’s show De La Guarda.


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I'm sorry I don't bash artist! But I respect fellow creative artist…and don't like to use social media to promote some thing that can be perceived as negativity… BUT @beyonce you have the nerve to steal exact concepts n choreography from other real creative genius.. You stole from @breakingsurface you stole the stomping from #delaguarda @fuerzabrutanyc it's ok to be inspired but at least make the effort to make it your own.. Also crazyhorseparis_official the saddle scene!! Let's keep it real people!!! #hideyourideas #hideyoureightcount #hideyourwater #hideallfrombeyonce #respectartist #breakingsurface #fuerzabrutanyc #delaguarda @gwynethlarsen @wmulholland AND PROPS TO MY FRIENDS THAT DID THE AERIAL!! Thanks @craigsmithnyc for the edit! Loll

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From indications, It’s most likely that Beyoncé’s choreography team pulled moves from videos or performances they once saw. Starting around five minutes into the video from 2009, you can see the similar dance move in question. The screaming sequence is nearly identical, without the costumes of course.





5.  Hold Up

One of the stand-out videos is for the song “Hold Up”, which sees the then 34-year-old Beyonce adorned in a yellow dress, strolling joyfully down a city street, smashing car windows with a baseball bat, singing: “Something don’t feel right / Cause it ain’t right / Especially comin’ up after midnight”.

After the release, the megastar was accused of copying the visuals from Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist’s 1997 project “Ever Is Over All”, with a side-by-side comparison showing the similarities between the two.





In Rist’s video, a woman wearing a blue dress and red shoes is seen walking down a street, smashing car windows as a police officer walks past.

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