5 Times Segun Emdin Rocked

Segun Emdin is the rockstar among the Urban 96.5 team – belee dat! and host of Early Urban Drive from Monday to Thursday, 3pm – 6pm and Evening Stroll on Saturdays from 6pm – 9pm. Here are five reasons why we love him!

  • Segun is a huge Grime head! Probably solely responsible for bringing Grime Music to Nigeria, we kid – reminds one of the utterance that the former President Goodluck Jonathan brought Facebook to Nigeria.

P.S: We brought visual radio to Nigeria and this is no joke! 🙂

Watch Segun and Giggs banter like buddies!

  • Segun’s show ratings are amazing – from co-hosting at his former place of work to owning a show and drive it to the first show across Nigerian radio with the fastest rising ratings in a short period of time. Then doing this with little or no ‘celebrity’ leaning like countless interviews et al. His wits and research definitely plays for this, See what we are talking about in this interview clip with Reminisce:

  • Then the ladies love him even the female colleagues, Though we are still trying to find out what is responsible: his voice, humor or personality. Watch Abby ( Urban Xtra host and Muna) drool over him:

  • We love us our radio skengman! Nobody, absolutely nobody on Nigerian radio mimics better than Mr. Emdin. Anybody, anything. In this clip, he is Donald Trump, watch:

  • 5th item? Today is His birthday and he is an April baby boy! Aries boy! We all love them and their innate determination and passion! (got this from horoscope, duh!)

Issa birthday! Thankful for another year ?

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Happy birrthday, Segun!

-Dro Ameh

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