50 Cent Angry at Starz for exposing His ‘Junk’ On ‘Power’ Sex Scene

50 Cent is angry at Starz for exposing his junk during a heated scene on his TV series “Power.”

The rap mogul took to Instagram to slam the executive producer of Power, Courtney Kemp.

“Man I just saw episode 4, of POWER Courtney I’m a kill you, this is not funny,” 50 wrote on Instagram on Sunday before the episode aired. “I think I just saw my (penis) in a scene. What the f*** Courtney call my phone NOW!!!”

“My Auntie G money, just called me and said man what the f*** did i just watch?,” 50 added. “She’s traumatized. She said she had to get up twice.”

It’s not clear if his stunt worked in terms of getting more viewers but according to 50 Cent the viewership has been growing rapidly since the first season.

Power season opener received 2.26 million people tuning in making it the most watch series ever on Starz.

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