50 Cent Reveals He Has a Third Son Named Davian

Curtis  “50 cent”Jackson ” life is full of surprises.

The Queens rapper’s rollercoaster life has been on full display in the past year or so, from bankruptcies to beefing with MeekMill. Through it all, 50 keeps his head above water. In the latest headline, the rapper revealed he is the father of a young boy named Davian.

The rapper shared the news via Instagram, where he’s seen pictured with Davian at a red carpet event. 50 captioned the photo, “My life is full of surprises, this little guy is my son DAVIAN. He started crying, I was thinking why you crying i gotta pay for this shit. LMAO.”

The mother of Davian is not yet known to the public. 50 already has 2 boys, 18-year-old Marquise  and 3-year-old Sire.

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