9th Wedding Anniversary – Beyonce Dedicates Video and Playlist to Jay Z

Every April 4th is the wedding anniversary of the power couple Jay z and Beyonce. To celebrate this year which marks the 9th anniversary, Beyonce has dedicated an updated video her 2015 dedication “Die With You.” and Playlist to husband Jay Z

Sitting behind a piano, Queen Bey launches into her emotional ballad. “I don’t have a reason to cry,” she sings. “I have every reason to smile / I don’t have a reason to lie / When you’re already reading my mind / I don’t have a reason to be, if I can’t be with you.”

In addition to the video, Bey dropped the “IV EVER EVER” playlist for Jay Z, a 63-song playlist that includes romantic tracks like Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride,” Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It,” and Prince’s “When We’re Dancing Close and Slow.”

The couple is expecting their twin babies

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