About Lil Kim’s Mixtape and Badboy Reunion

Female rap icon lil kim has revealed some details about her recently released mixtape ‘Lil kim Season’ and the forthcoming Badboy reunion concert. She talked to rolling stone magazine.
Read excerpts below.
When did you decide it was time to put out a new mixtape?

We kind of decided at the last minute – we had around two weeks to finish it. When we started a couple songs that we put out, like the “Panda” record, we were like, “Oh, gosh, let’s just finish it.” We kind of had an idea, but we didn’t know when we wanted drop it.

Puff Daddy just announced that Bad Boy reunion show.

Yes, the day before Biggie’s birthday. We’re gonna count down till his birthday comes in. It’s gonna be great. This time I think we almost got everybody. Kima, Keisha and Pam from Total haven’t really been rocking together, but they’re all gonna be there, which is super awesome.

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