After Serving Three Months Jail Term, Kodak Black Is Outta Prison!

Florida rapper Kodak Black is free at last, free at last, free at last. The hip-hop newcomer is breathing fresh air after serving three months behind bars.


According to TMZ Black completed a voluntary life skills course which made him eligible for an early release.

Kodak was released Monday morning from Broward County Jail after serving 97 days of a 364 day sentence for violating house arrest. He’s now back on house arrest for another year. He’ll need to request permission from his probation officer and court if he wants to travel anywhere for work, even inside Florida.

In early May, news went viral of Black landing a year-long jail sentence following a court appearance.

“If you can find it in the kindness of your heart, your honor, I am asking you to give me a chance to prove my worth to the court. To be the person my community expects me to be,” Octave told the judge. The judge ordered that Octave, 19, must complete an anger management/life skills course. If he completes the course successfully, his sentence will be commuted from 365 days to 180 days, with credit for time served. That means he could be back to making hits within weeks. (According to Local 10 News)

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