AKA told Wale’s Show Organizer To ‘Go Fvck Himself’

AKA has always been a star who demands respect and when he is not accorded that which he treasures, he pulls out of pre-planned shows, even if it means ruining the entire concert.

A few weeks ago, he dealt the same blow to South Africa’s biggest festival ‘Back to the City‘, his reason being that the organisers promoted international acts while relegating the local talents to the background.

Now, the ‘Baddest’ rapper has taken to Twitter to narrate a similar scenario, this time involving Nigerian-American rapper, Wale.

According to AKA, his band was invited as Wale’s opening act at a recent concert, and they were put up in a ‘wack’ hotel’, ignored all day and the organisers even refused to take their calls.

“Eventually after being ignored all day, we’re rushed to the venue. When we get there, they start shouting at us like we’re they’re kids,” AKA said. And that was when he was done with the whole show.

“I told them to go Fvck themselves, called the band back and bounced,” he said, and didn’t give a flipping bird when the promoters said he would never be booked for a show again.

“That’s the story of how I stopped “opening” for “international” acts,” he said, adding, “That was the last one.”

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