All we know about Mercy Aigbe and husband Lanre Gentry’s fall out

This is what we at Urban96 know about the failed marriage of Mercy Aigbe to her husband of seven years Lanre Gentry.

On Easter Sunday, Mercy’s husband on his way to his office gave her money to cook and she was meant to bring the meal to his hotel in Oregun as he was going to be having friends visIting him but hours after he got to the hotel, His wife stopped picking his calls and he made enquires and learnt that his wife had gone for a party without even preparing lunch or dinner for their son who had to make do with pizza for the day.

Later that night,Larry on learning that his wife was in her designer’s house{luminee} went there and asked her to come home, she refused saying she was tired of the marriage and This infuriated Larry who beat Mercy to stupor and drama started with both calling each other day names and Mercy vowing never to step into his cursed house again, Mercy cried and cried but she and Luminee were helpless and could not fight him,After Larry left mercy was taking to an hosipital and immediately called an Estate Agent the following morning and within 48 hours moved to Magodo.

They have allegely been in an unhappy marriage following financial issues and infidelity from both sides.

It was also learnt that late friday, Areaboys contacted by Larry Gentry who tried to stop Mercy from moving out of their matrimonial home are rotting away in police cell. Apparently when Mercy came to pack her things her husband was not home at their Grammar school Home around Ojodu berger Area of Lagos and so she had a field day packing her things and it was when she was about to take her leave that her husband got to know and put a call to the boys to close the gate of the estate, Despite Mercy begging and pleading they didn’t let her go which made her resort to calling friends who called police to arrest the guys who has been in Detention since that day with the boys crying and reaching out to mercy to forgive them as mercy husband has abandoned them to their fate.

Well, Lanre has responded to report of battery, saying that in the 7 years he had married mercy he has neither beaten her nor abuse her but instead support and taken care of her. According to Larry,

Will she have been in my house for 7 years if I beat her? I don’t know why she pulled such a picture stunt but I know the person that rented the house for her and the pics and all are just stunts to paint me bad and gain sympathy. You know where mercy was before I married her and in 7 years, I think I have tried but she has other ideas and most of the things that I take most men wouldn’t take it and I hope she won’t allow me to talk if she keeps smearing my name, I am trying to be calm because I don’t want to use my hand to destroy what I help create.

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