Amazing! Watch Kendrick Lamar Make His Acting Debut On ‘Power’

Kendrick Lamar made his acting debut Sunday night when the Damn. rapper appeared on the latest episode of the 50 Cent-starring Starz drama ‘Power’.

Lamar portrays a homeless person who attempts to sell 50 Cent’s character some gift cards outside of a bodega. Later on, Lamar distracts another character while 50 Cent shoots down the man while riding a bicycle. “I can take his wallet too, right?,” Lamar asks 50 Cent, who responds, “I don’t give a fuck, take his shoes too.” Shoes and wallet in hand, Lamar’s character gives viewers a celebratory dance.

Power creator and producer Courtney Kemp told the Associated Press that Lamar’s friendship with 50 Cent helped the series secure the acclaimed rapper’s acting debut. “He and Kendrick … were hanging out and Kendrick said, ‘I’d really like to be on the show,’ and you know it goes from there.”

Kemp added, “He’s really gifted, tremendously gifted. I mean it’s a total transformation. It is not a version of Kendrick Lamar that you’ve ever seen before. So it’s very exciting.”

Watch scenes from Lamar’s acting debut on Power below:

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