Avoiding Lawsuit? 50 Cent Punches Woman, Invites Her On Stage To Twerk

Fiddy is trying to avoid any fresh lawsuit after punching a woman at a concert in Baltimore.

Video footage from TMZ shows 50 and the G-Unit taking a breather in between songs. At one point 50 starts to interact with the fans, one of whom decided they wanted 50 all to themselves. The fan tried to drag 50 off stage by pulling his arm, forcing him to tumble over. That’s when 50 cocked back his arm, balled his fist and punched the woman in the chest.

Realizing what he did, 50 invited the woman to come on stage and seemingly apologized. She accepted the apology by twerking on stage to one of his songs. Not sure if this woman plans on resurfacing months later with a lawsuit, but twerking after getting punched will not be a good defense.

Watch video below

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