Aww Aww! Paparazzi Tells Mariah Carey “Watch Your Cholesterol”

Like many, we often eye-roll when celebrities complain about the drawbacks of being in the public eye.

However, there are select times when we see exactly what they mean.

Case in point Mariah Carey.

mariah fat


The singer was swamped by paparazzi when leaving a restaurant with “boyfriend” Bryan Tanaka.

And while most of the cam-flashers were respectful, one shouted one of the most disgusting, tactless things we’ve heard in a long while.

See what we mean below…

Despite Mimi generously greeting all who spoke with her, one disrespectful pap yelled “watch your cholesterol.” He later followed with “lots of steak”:

Our heart broke for Mariah a bit when looking at the hurt that briefly showed on her face.

Critiquing an act about their professional output is one thing, but getting personal and woefully impolite is another.


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