Azealia Banks Attacks Cardi B Again: “You Got Knocked Up For Migos Leftovers”

It was only a matter of time.

It so happened that Cardi B had favorited a fan comment dissing Azealia Banks (who has long taken aim at her).

Rap’s most notorious firecracker is throwing flames in the direction Cardi once again and it’s scathing.

Taking to Instagram, Banks shared a grab of Cardi’s “like” and proceeded to slam her for “getting knocked up for left over Migos raps.”

Here’s the full rant…


Though she would go on to delete the post, she revelled in her “villain” tag, by adding:


With Azealia dropping new single ‘Anna Wintour’ imminently, it’s little surprise she’s doing the most.

Whatever it takes, ay. Whatever it takes. LOL!


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