Beanie Sigel is Charging $30 For His New Album, Are you buying?

Beanie Sigel is willing to makse some bucks from hit forthcoming album “Still Public Enemy” soon.

Beans has been hard at work on his upcoming album which borrows its title from his classic 2004 mixtape Public Enemy #1. Beans feels he still has a fanbase that is willing to pay top dollar for new music from him and will probably be charging $30 for it when it drops.

He told XXL

Me and Jhalil Beats, we’re still working on that Still Public Enemy project. By the time we got to the fourth record, I said, “I’m not giving this out. I got to do an album. I got to make them pay for this.” This worthy of paying and I swear when I drop, I be telling my people, “I’m selling my joint for $29.99.” I’m not going on there for $9.99. True hip-hop fans are going to spend that $30. That’s how I’m doing it. I’m marking my price up. Some people are going to get it, some people are not. But I remember what Rakim said a long time ago. “Let others go first so the brothers don’t miss.” So y’all live, do y’all and I’m going to do me. The dude that love Beanie Sigel, they are going to rush out there to spend a little $30.

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