Becca pranks Samini, Ghanaian singer snaps and calls her a ‘witch’

If there is anything to dare Dance hall artiste Samini with it should never be about rumours on his sexual escapades because he definitely would bare his teeth at you. Samini calls Becca “witch” on live radio.

The latest victim of Samini’s rage has been songstress, Becca. It all happened during a live program on Empire Radio in Takoradi where Samini got pranked by a woman who called into the show claiming they had engaged in some sexual affair. Shocked at the allegations by the woman, Samini called her “witch” only to have realized in the end that it was musician Becca he had been speaking to. Subsequently it turns out that was a prank that the host, Feeling Daddy and Becca planned to pull on Samini.

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