Beyonce Sued for allegedly lifting scenes from short film for ‘Lemonade’ trailer

Beyonce is being sued by a a filmmaker for allegedly lifting scenes from short film for the trailer of her latest album,lemonade.

Matthew Fulks, filmmaker, who is also a creative director at a Louisville, Ky news station is seeking unspecified profits from Bey’s provocative album, alleging the trailer for “Lemonade” ripped off several elements from his short film “Palinoia.”

In a suit filed Wednesday in a New York federal court and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Fultz says the singer’s 60-second trailer stole nine visual similarities from his 2014 work.

Among the alleged similar scenes are shots of a dimly lit parking lot, graffiti-covered walls, “red person with eyes obscured” and “overgrown” grass.
The our-long film for her sixth album dropped April 23 on HBO.

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