Birthday Special! 5 Must Hear Episodes from Fay Fay’s ‘Unusual Podcast’!

Today, 4th of November is Fay Fay’s birthday and here is a special. Fay Fay host a podcast every week tagged the ‘Unusual Podcast’ and she has put out over 40 episodes and let’s highlight our Favourites!

The first, Fix up your lives – episodes with Soundcity Radio’s iLO and EDK born out of M.I.’s latest controversial track and a trivia from iLO:

Episode #1 – Iron throne podcast

The first ever episode where Fay Fay had Tyeng Gang and Segun Emdin and Gang revealed – in his words: ‘Game of thrones is a zombie movie’

Episode #32

Half price relationships and Whatsapp Calls edition where Fay Fay shared 19 times you should know before you turn 29

The last two episodes:

The Unusual Podcast – For The D And P Challenge!

EP 31 – We are all Virgins!

Which is your favourite episode?

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