Blac Chyna Faces Loss In Kardashian Legal Drama

Blac Chyna‘s quest to punish the Kardashians for the part they may have played in killing her TV career has hit a dead-end…for now.

Chyna believes that the Kardashian clan sabotaged the relationship she was building with E! as a reality TV star.

Unfortunately, the judge overseeing the case she raised against the family has given it the finger and thrown it out of court after a showdown between Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom and Kardashian rep Shawn Holley.

TMZ reveals…

In the end, the judge bought the argument that Kim and Kris did not interfere with Chyna’s contract with E!, but did give Chyna the right to a second bite of the apple where she could try and create a new case against Kris and Kim.

Blac is still suing Rob for the part she says he played in ending her TV career and hopes to fare better when that case heads to court.

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