Bow Wow announces Retirement from Rap but Tweeters don’t care

Shad Moss is officially signing out of the rap game !

The rapper popularly known as Bow Wow announced his retirement from rap on social media much to the confusion of his fans.

The 29-year-old said he’s retiring because he can’t see himself at “30 years old rapping.”

“Made over 20 million off rap. Why be greedy? Im good with everything i accomplished. I made it to the white house,” he tweeted on Sunday to his 3.16 million followers.

Some fans on social media are not having any of it

“Meanwhile rap officially retired from Bow Wow like 9 years ago.”a twitter user tweeted

Another one tweeted, “wait… Bow Wow thought we were paying attention to whether he still made music?”

Moss, who dropped the name Bow Wow in 2014, was discovered by Snoop Dogg at age 6 when he took the stage as “Kid Gangsta” during Snoop and Dr. Dre’s Chronic tour. Snoop renamed him “Lil Bow Wow” and introduced him to hip hop producer, Jermaine Dupri.
He posted that his farewell album, named “Nylth,” will be produced by his “uncle” Snoop.

“Since he brought me in the game, its only right i involve him and end it with him.”

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