Brandy Reveals New Sam Smith Collaboration

Brandy may not have released an album in six years, but it doesn’t mean she’s not working on new music.

The vocal powerhouse has experienced a few hiccups along the way (including a legal tussle with her label), but is moving forward with a little help from…Sam Smith.

The 38-year-old is gearing up for a tour of South Africa next month and during a press interview revealed that she’s worked with the Brit chart sensation not once but twice.

Speaking on her upcoming material, she said:

“[I don’t want to] put herself in a R&B box. I love hip-hop and jazz. It all makes sense to me and my reentry into the music industry.

I worked with Sam Smith for the first time four years ago, and then again recently. And now I’m one of his biggest fans.”
Smith took to Twitter last year to share his love for B-Rocka’s then-new single ‘Beggin’ & Pleadin.’ He wrote:



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