Breakup Rumours Trail Little Mix…

The Brit-Pop supergroup Little Mix has eased the fears of fans who feared it is to follow in the footsteps of Fifth Harmony and call it a day.

Good news below…


The group was hit by claims that they are to split up this year much to the horror of the fans who have helped them sell 3 million albums worldwide.

Today, they have assured them that this is not the case.


Through their producer, he says;

I’m in [the studio] with them at the moment, we’re working on a few projects. We’ve got some stuff we’re working on right now, nothing set in stone.

The girls are amazing and the nicest people. It’s amazing, I haven’t worked with loads of girl bands but you hear stories about how people don’t get on, but Little Mix seem to be best mates, they do everything together. ‘They spend their time off together. You can tell that in the studio, they’re tuned in. It’s so much nicer to work with.


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