Brymo’s New Album Title “Klitoris” Is Highly Controversial

Former Chocolate City Singer Brymo has released the title of his forthcoming fifth album  and it’s highly controversial. The Pop singer revealed the title “KLITORIS”  with the album artwork on his social media page and has got people including fellow artist olamide talking .

He later explained the meaning of the word  ‘It’s a Greek word for ‘key’. It is where the word ‘clitoris’ itself originates. This album is the key to a certain door I have knocked on for years; and yes it was meant to be sensual, there ought to be two sides to the coin’.‘The album consists of eleven tracks, ten songs; and it features my girlfriend Esse on the chorus of ‘Naked’, the very first song’, he revealed

The fifth album will be released on May 9, 2016.


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