Bryson Tiller Reveals Battling Secret Depression

As history has shown over and over, the bright lights of showbiz oft hides the darkness many stars are experiencing behind closed doors.

Such was the case for R&B star Bryson Tiller.

Having burst onto the scene with ‘Trapsoul,’ the crooner seemed tipped for bigs after racking up hits such as ‘Exchange’ and ‘Don’t.’

It seemed to the scene for a major takeover with follow-up effort ‘True To Self,’ which arrived last year. And when the LP debuted at #1, it seemed the narrative was playing out as intended.

However, it had little staying power and spurned no memorable hits.

As ever, in today’s era, folk on social media made sure Tiller knew their feelings – with some going as far as to tell him that he “fell off.”

In a surprise response issued moments ago, he actually agreed and revealed a secret battle he’s been fighting.

His words below…



Here’s what was originally put to him:


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