Cardi B Claps Back at Pregnancy Haters: ‘Why Can’t I Have A Baby and a Career?’

Cardi B‘s faithful fans, affectionately called #BardiGang, rejoiced when the rapstress took to ‘SNL’ this past weekend to finally reveal she was indeed with child (as had been rumored for weeks).

In a performance of her soon-to-be-hit tune ‘Be Careful,’ found aboard her April 6th released debut album, ‘Invasion of Privacy,’ the Grammy nominee donned a form fitting white dress to show off her baby bump – a feat that let the news announce itself (click here to watch if you missed it). And, while her fans flooded her social media handles with well wishes, detractors certainly were singing different tunes.

In fact, according to the rapper herself, mostly women took to her Twitter and Instagram handles to slam her for opting to get pregnant before her career could reach its height. When quizzed about the backlash during a recent sit down with Hot 97, Cardi did not mince words about her disappointment for the ongoing criticism.

Hear exactly what she said inside:

Start at the 32:04 mark:


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