Cardi B’s Former Roommate Accuses Her Of Drug Use, Prostitution & Racism; Cardi Responds!

A young woman who claims to have been a close friend of the rapper Cardi B has a story to share about the racial abuse she claims the rapper forced her to endure.

Ms. Starmarie, who says she shared a living space with the performer, stunned by Instagram viewers today by using its ‘Live’ feature to offer what she says is the truth about Cardi’s past.

A past, she says includes deeply offensive anti-black racism, prostitution, drug use and violence.







However, Cardi B has laughed at claims she is a rampant racist and former prostitute launched at her by old roommate and she has since rubbished the allegations.

In more positive news, the multifaceted entertainer is hard at work on a number of exciting projects that will see her make a calculated foray into film and fashion.

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