Cardi B’s Sister Hennessy Attacked; Gets Death Threats By Nicki Minaj Fans

In an era dominated by stan groups, online sparring essentially comes with the territory. Especially as relates to super-stardom in the 2000-and-now.

However, every so often things boil to problematic temperatures.

Case in point the volcanic drama between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. 


Ever since shoe-gate last month, the already raging war between their respective bases has intensified.

So much so that Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina has taken to social media to reveal that a corner of Onika’s supporters are attacking her online and even threatening harm to her niece Kulture.

Via IG, Hennessy, shared screen shots of the shocking remarks sent her way. She goes on to allude that Nicki is somehow manipulating her fans to spread “negativity and hate”:

There remains the question of how fair it is to blame someone for the actions of (a select few of) their supporters.

Still, no matter which way it’s diced or sliced, those screen-grabs made for a harrowing read.

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