Cardi B’s Team Orders Shoppers To Leave Boutique For Her To Shop Alone

The heavily pregnant Cardi B isn’t having the easiest of weeks.

Ran off social media by her latest adversary Azealia Banks, the unstoppable Hip-Pop princess found herself in a spot of bother when she stepped out to shop hours ago.

What went down? Unconfirmed reports claim that the rapper’s team asked shoppers at a boutique to leave the store so the pregnant star could shop in peace.

What happened next? A ‘Worldstar Hip Hop’ worthy scene.



Kudos to the rapper’s security detail.

The rapper is yet to respond to the incident publicly but, should be disturbed by the incident, may find her mood brightened by the success of her debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy‘ on Spotify!

For, its tracks have now been streamed over 100 million times on the platform.

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