Chance The Rapper & Kim Kardashian Defend Kanye West

Kanye West appeared to be auditioning for the ‘Get Out’ sequel live on Twitter last night, because the rapper was serving all sorts of sunken place.

In a stream of tweets that played out over the course of the entire day, Ye professed his love for his “brother” Donald Trump, slammed Barack Obama, and went on to slam those critiquing him for his views.

Naturally, his liberal leaning (and heavily Afro-American) support-base clapped back in disbelief. Even celebs added to the “why, Kanye?’ sentiment.

However, Yeezy did find support from…some. See what we mean below…

First to spring to his defence was Chance The Rapper, who offered the following…



Thereafter wife Kim Kardashian waded in on the debate (which saw “Kanye” mentioned over 1 million times on Twitter). She said:


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