Childish Gambino Sued By Record Label

With more success often comes more problems. Just ask Childish Gambino.

For, fresh from being accused of plagiarising #1 hit ‘This Is America,’ the musician/actor has been sued — by his former record label.

Details below…

According to TMZ, it’s Gambino’s former label Glassnote Entertainment who are seeking funds from the star – who recently signed a lucrative new deal with Sony’s RCA Records.

Per the report, the drama all centers on streaming royalties they are allegedly owed.

Glassnote has filed a suit against Gambino (who also goes by real name Donald Glover for his acting endeavours), accusing him of deliberately not paying them their share of the $700,000 + he’s amassed from streaming.

Though no longer in partnership for new music, Glassnote insists they’re holding up their end of the previous deal and have already paid the star $8 million with a further $2 million in royalties coming his way within the next 3 months. To complicate matters more, the label allege that Gambino himself made $1.5 million demand from them to resolve streaming royalty disputes.

And now they’re all locked in a legal wrangle.

Much of the money disputed is believed to be generated by  breakthrough album ‘Awaken, My Love!’ – which spurned the Grammy winning hit ‘Red Bone.’ 

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