China Bans Betting with Taylor swift’s Love life

Sorry Vendors, You Can No Longer Bet On Taylor Swift’s Love Life in China !!!
China has placed a ban on betting with Taylor swift’s Love life. According to The Hollywood Reporter, China banned online vendors from selling “insurance policies” linked to Taylor Swift’s romance with Tom Hiddleston. Fans had been going through the Craigslist-esque Taobao online marketplace to purchase the policies, which promised pay out if the new couple break up. Taobao is now cracking down on these vendors, the Xinhua News Agency reports.

“As it is not strictly an insurance product, the sellers are not qualified as insurance sellers,” the Alibaba Group, which owns Taobao, told THR. “So we have taken down such ‘products’ from the Taobao platform.”

A Hiddleswift breakup would have reportedly allowed policy-holders to double their money. The “Bad Blood” singer and her British beau aren’t the only celebrity couple under cynical scrutiny, however. Similar policies allowed users to wager on the longevity of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s romance; those too have been taken down.

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