Chris Brown Faces New Child Support Trouble!

Chris Brown is in the middle of a child-support fuelled firestorm!

Full story below…

The mother of his four year old child has made her way to court with hopes of securing more money from him. Money, she says she’ll use to raise the child as her primary care giver.

As it stands, he gives Nia Guzman $2,500 a month and an additional $4,000 to pay for the child’s nanny….who just happens to be Nia’s mother.

Royalty’s mom explains that she’s underwater with monthly expenses and bills, including $3,300 in rent, $3,500 in food and $4,500 in clothes and entertainment for a 4-year-old. She says things have been so bad, that she was forced to hit up a friend for cash to take Royalty for a day at Six Flags because she couldn’t afford the tickets. Nia wants to take her daughter to theme parks, like Lego Land, but claims that she can’t afford anything extra on such a tight budget.

Chris is said to be against her bid to dig deeper into his pockets.

The judge in the case agreed with Nia, but couldn’t order the new support amount because the court needs to review all the financial documents about Brown’s income. A decision could come as early as next week.




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