Ciara Loses, Future Wins Joint Custody Of Baby Future

R&B Singer Ciara has lost his case against the father of her baby, future . According to TMZ Ciara showed up in court asking for sole custody of their 1-year-old son, baby Future. She claimed Future was a bad parent who was not present in the child’s life.she and her lawyer also trash talked Future to the judge, saying he was a bad person.
For his part, Future showed up and asked for joint custody, and the judge was squarely on his side, rejecting her arguments.
California courts favor joint custody, so the decision was in line with the law.
Things have been rocky at best between these two since the birth of their son and their split. Future’s music and popularity have skyrocketed due in large part to his very public opinions about their relationship. He has recorded songs about it, brought it up at his concerts and took to Twitter to express his frustrations.
Ciara has kept quiet publicly, literally and figuratively. Ciara has often taken the high road when given an opportunity to trash talk the father of her child, however she made headlines when she refused to say his name while announcing the nominees for the 2016 Billboard Awards on Good Morning America.

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