Clearance Peters mum ‘clarion chukwura’ marries for the third time

Nollywood actress, Clarion Chukwura is now married again after a third attempt to U.S. based Anthony Boyd, and she seems so excited about it.

The movie veteran shared a picture on her Facebook profile announcing her current relationship status (married)and a picture of new spouse with the text, “History made, destiny fulfilled, me and hubby on Savannahs Street, Georgia.”

She has been quite unfortunate in her marriages, her last break-up being her relationship with socialite, Femi Oduneye, also known as ‘Femi Egyptian’ whom she married on February 14, 2004, but ended up as an on and off relationship.

Chukwura once had a relationship with afro-juju legend, Sir Shina Peters who got her knocked-up in an affair that brought about the birth of musical video director, Clarence Peters.

The actress is recognised as a United Nations Ambassador for her charity work across Africa, she is also the first Nigerian to win the Best Actress category at the 1982 FESPACO film festival in Burkina-Faso


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