Cynthia Morgan confesses her love for ‘camo’

Cynthia Morgan has disclosed her undying love for the military uniform.

The singer reveals her love for Jesus, music and the army uniform, popularly called ‘camo’ in a new Instagram post yesterday.

She shared a photo of herself in a camouflage and wrote,

‘#2012..MY LUV FOR CAMO lord knows if not music then it would have been in the military. Afterall my mum wanted that because she know sey I be strong woman. I represent strength For the ladies. I always wanted a fancy glock for my 20th birthday until I found Jesus and music. Well am still going to get one. Maybe when am fifty because you just can’t f with MAMA MORGAN when she is fifty…(THE GODMOTHER) PHUCK around and get bodied. Obsession. #Make way for the 14Star General Morgan’.


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