Damian Marley Investing in Marijuana Prison for economic growth

The youngest son of Raggae Superstar Bob Marley, Damian Marley is claiming to test a marijuana venture that promises to transform a decaying California prison into a huge medical marijuana manufacturing plant.

“It’s a statement,” Marley told the Guardian, “to grow herb in a place that used to contain prisoners locked up for herb.”

The business venture signals a growing confidence in the cannabis industry, which has been rapidly spreading across the country as a result of state referendums that are legalizing medical or recreational marijuana.

California, the first state in the US to approve medical marijuana in 1996, appears to be on the cusp of voting for full recreational legalization in a referendum in November.

Marley’s project has emerged as a potent symbol of shifting views on pot and incarceration in American society. The empty prison in Coalinga, California, has remained frozen in time since its closure in 2011.

“Jails aren’t really rehabilitating people. They’re developing young criminals into more experienced criminals,” said Marley. He said the marijuana factory would turn “a negative place with a negative vibe into something positive”.

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