De La Soul, Snoop Dogg and Vic Mensa confirmed for Grammy animated group Gorillaz’s next album

Gorillaz is back in the scope of interest as exciting details about collaborators comes to light.

Damon Albarn, co-founder, songwriter and vocalist for Gorillaz has re-entered the studio with hip hop trio De La Soul for the forthcoming album.

“We actually sat down with Damon two weeks ago and he played us some of the new Gorillaz album, and it sounds amazing,” Pos of De La Soul told The Guardian. “He played us a track that he wants us to get off on his album so we got to get in the studio and put that down.”

The reunion has plenty of promising history: De La Soul previously collaborated with the animated group and, together, won a Grammy for the unmistakable ‘Feel Good Inc.’ back in 2006.

In addition, Pos revealed that Snoop Dogg, who previously joined the group on ‘Plastic Beach’, will return on what will eventually be the group’s fifth album release, as well as Vic Mensa, composer Jean Michel-Jarre, songwriter Liam Bailey and production from Twilite Tone.

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