Director Colin Tilley shares How Amber Rose starred in Future’s ‘Mask Off’ Video

Future knew that his “Mask Off” video needed to be epic and On Friday (May 5), he unveiled his apocalyptic visual co-starring famed video vixen Amber Rose.

Directed by Colin Tilley (who directed Kendrick Lamar’s political anthem “Alright”), Future finds himself driving in the middle of an armed robbery gone haywire. In the midst of all the burning buildings, masked lawbreakers, and bloodthirsty shoot-outs, the “Draco” star coolly watches everything unfold with Rose riding shotgun. To cap off the gripping video, Future raps his lyrics on a rooftop, amid all the drama.

Colin speaks on Amber Rose’s role, in his words:

We were trying to figure out what would be the most iconic moment to have a female figure in this video. Future brought up the idea of Amber, and I was like, ‘I love that,’ because it just feels like a f–king moment. I didn’t want it to just be somebody random. We had to really make a statement with it. That was amazing getting Amber. And then, in the edit process, our whole thought process behind it was really giving it a slow reveal. You basically see these details in the first verse, and then you’re like, ‘Wait. Is that Amber?’ Then, all of a sudden, you get the Amber show at the end of the video. I just really love reveal factors in videos.

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