Drake to Pull a Kanye with ‘Views From the 6’

All anybody would want right now is power. Not PHCN power but real power that can move mountains. That Taylor Swift power that can (in one video) rack sales of a single up by 431 percent globally. It’s a very curious relationship that Taylor Swift has with Apple.

In this time of brand ambassadors, it seems Drake is really doing well with his relationship with Apple since he got lured away from Tidal. Back in 2015, Drake signed a reported £13m deal with Apple and has since then hosted a monthly OVO Radio show on Apple Music and debuted his ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ mixtape with Future on the platform. ‘Jumpman’ from that album is the song that was featured in a recent Apple Music advert starring Ms Swift running (and plummeting) to the tune of “Jumpman”. It’s been reported that ‘’Views from the 6’, Drake’s new album expected on the 29th April, will be exclusive to Apple Music subscribers first for a full week before anyone else can get their hands on it – talk Kanye and TLOP on Tidal. Lets see if eh can top Kanye’s TLOP.

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