Drake’s ‘one dance’ knocks Adele’s ‘Hello’ off,Becomes Most Streamed in the UK

Drake’s “One Dance” off the new album”Views”continue soaring higher.It has broken the U.K record for most streamed track in a single week, previously set by Adele’s ‘Hello’.

Released at the beginning of last month, Drake’s”One Dance” has reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its third week on the chart. The single has been even more dominant across the pond, as it has been reported that “One Dance” will spend its third consecutive week atop the U.K. singles chart.
In fact,”One Dance”which features Nigeria’s Wizkid and Uk’s kyla was streamed 7.86 million times in the U.K. last week,which is the highest number of track streams to ever be recorded in a single week,beating the previous record of 7.32 million streams,set by Adele’s “Hello” in its first week of release last October. 

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