Eminem Reveals ‘Revival’ Album Release Date

Mark those calendars because Eminem is back!

The Hip-Hop titan has announced the release date of his hotly anticipated new album ‘Revival.’

Preceded by taster song ‘Walk On Water’ featuring Beyonce, the LP serves as Slim Shady‘s 9th studio effort.

Want to know when it’s hitting stores? The answer awaits below…

Em’s longtime collaborator Dr. Dre trumpeted the set’s December 15th arrival date on social media by posting the following video:

It arguably doesn’t get much bigger than Em on the commercial Hip-Hop wave. As such, this looks set to be quite the event.

Many will be looking to see what the numbers deliver given the somewhat warm response to ‘Walk On Water.’

We imagine they’ll still be big, especially with the Christmas lead-in.


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