Eminem to Dr. Dre at first meeting: You’re one of my biggest influences ever, in life.

HBO’s docuseries “The Defiant Ones” about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine is giving fans an inside look at two of the most powerful and private individuals in music.

One of the key moments in the series takes place when Dre hits the studio with Eminem for the first time. A teaser from the episode 4 moment is now available online. “I’m looking at Dre like, ‘Dude, I see you on TV all the time. You’re one of my biggest influences ever, in life,’” says Marshall Mathers.

Dre was also down to get started on what would become Em’s debut album, The Slim Shady LP. “I’m like, ‘Listen, I think this shit is fuckin’ incredible and I’d love to work with you,’” he said. “I had a studio in my house at the time and I went and put some samples together and did a couple of things in the drum machine. I invited him over and I was like, ‘I put this sample together. Tell me if you like it.’ I hit the drum machine and maybe 2 or 3 seconds went by and he was like, ‘Hi, my name is!’ My name is!’ I was like, ‘Yo! Stop! Shit’s hot.’ That’s what happened our first day in the first few minutes of us being in the studio.”

That song would become “My Name Is,” the lead single off 1999’s The Slim Shady LP.

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