Exclusive: 8 Things You Should Know About UrbanXtra’s New Host, Nana King

Nana Nkemoma King, is a happy go-lucky Scorpio, born on November 8.


She was nicknamed “blondie blondie” as a child for her signature golden locks.


Nana is an Igbo girl from Anambra state.


She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance from Middlesex University, London.


She also has a Master’s Degree in Investment Finance from Queen Mary College, University of London.


Nana was formerly the Creative Director for Spice TV and she also has an extensive portfolio of experience in the media industry; having worked for several entertainment giants in the UK, South Africa and Nigeria.


Her favorite food is Amala & Ewedu, which she eats every day non stop!


She describes herself as an ambivert – being both extrovert and introvert. “I am a social butterfly, I am fun and outgoing, but I am also a very reserved and private person who enjoys having a lot of alone time”, she said.


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