Fire Comeback? Ashanti Teases New Video

Ashanti is embracing a new method of promotion for her reemergence on the music scene.

As widely documented, her last project ‘Braveheart’ was talked about for years, so much so that when it finally arrived there was little to no fanfare.

Opting for a less is more approach this go round, the 36-year-old has been teasing with mysterious video clips on social media.

The latest has been unveiled and she captioned it with “#justwaitonit #sayless”.

Check it out below…

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Video cred @aaronklisman #justwaitonit #sayless

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We agree that in cases like ‘Shanti’s, the pregame hype can actually work to one’s detriment if all the ducks aren’t in a row. So, in many ways, less is best. Especially after all the prior broken promises re release dates and the like.

That said, we are eager to hear what she’s been cooking up.

She has the fortunate/unfortunate problem of improving on all fronts but sadly at a time when the masses have moved on.

Perhaps with the right song and setup, she can make moves again.

It would appear the answer is around the corner.

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