Frank Ocean Helped Chance the Rapper on a Date Once

When Chance the Rapper first moved to Los Angeles from Chicago, he made a lot of big-name friends, and one of those just so happened to help him out while he was on a date one night.

Speak with GQ for their newest issue, Chance recounts becoming friends with Jeremih, BJ the Chicago Kid, J. Cole and Frank Ocean when he first moved to the city and rented a house with another up-and-coming name, James Blake. “A lot of those people would be at my house constantly,” he said.

One time Ocean happened to be over while Chance was chilling with a lady, but instead of getting in the way, Ocean scored him major bonus points. “I was on a date one time at the crib, and we’re sitting in the front room,” he said. “And then Frank just comes up and starts playing the piano and lightly singing in the background of our date. Obviously, that scored me a lot of points with this female.”

Where some men might get angry at the interruption, Chance knew gold when he heard it, as did his lady friend. Talk about a special evening. Now that’s one good friend.

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