DJ NEPTUNE, Oreka ‘Rhecks’ Godis, Tyeng Gang, Efe ‘Feyfey’ Odudu, Abiola ‘Abby’ Oyebade, Munachii Abi, Segun Emdin, Solomon Ladani, Kingsley ‘Tage Extra’ Obika, Big Tak and Shedy Kay as OAPs including amongst OTHERS JOIN URBAN 96 AS FM AS OAPS

Alphavision Multimedia Ltd, a subsidiary of Consolidated Media Assoiciates Group, has announced the launch of URBAN96 FM Radio Network with the commencement of operations at her Lagos City station on the 96.5 FM dial tagged The Sound Of Lagos!
URBAN 96 seeks to reach the today’s high flying Lagos urbane listener who defines what is trending in the city of Lagos and beyond. A movement rightly designed to cater to the live blood that powers Nigeria – The upwardly mobile demographics including the youth of Nigeria!

“The Urban96 brand builds and expands upon, Lagos’ great radio legacy as we will be bringing you unarguably the singular best combination of experience and refreshingly unique sound. With a combination of on air personalities drawn from across various backgrounds, Lagos is definitely set to experience radio that gives triple for the price of one – great friends, great music and great delivery…” Group Head of Radio Operations, Jonathan Lyamgohn asserts.

Urban96 Radio Network Launch in Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Uyo to follow in coming months. Count down to the Lagos Launch Party at Lekki Coliseum, Providence Road, Lekki Phase 1 begins! Get on urban96.fm/gimmeanIV for a chance at an invitation.

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