GQ’s The 13 Most Stylish Men in the World Right Now – No RMD, Enyinna Nwige… Sigh

Toronto’s very own Drake may be dropping his latest album next week. But it looks like he’s already having a stellar April because GQ named him one of the 13 most stylish men in the world.

Naturally, Aubrey Graham’s on the magazine’s cover. And clearly he’s pleased about this accolade because he already Instagrammed about it.

The American magazine describes the rapper’s style as luxurious, yet incredibly comfortable – in some ways this seems almost quintessentially Canadian.

And Drake wasn’t the only Canadian to make the GQ list. He shares this honour with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ryan Reynolds. Future also made the cut, alongside Idris Elba, Odell Beckham Jr., and Diplo.

What Rhecks’ thinks?

GQ’s The 13 Most Stylish Men in the World Right Now list is out, Drake and Future are on it.
What travesty! How could they overlook RMD in his agbada? Ennyinna Nwigwe in his suit? Have they not seen the yumminess that is Gideon Okeke with his hat. Come on GQ, do better! What are your suggestions for the REAL most stylish men in the world right now? Tag a stylish Nigerian/African male celebrity on our instagrame page – @Urban96fm.

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