‘Greenleaf’: Oprah Winfrey Accused Of Stealing TV Show Idea

Oprah Winfrey has been accused of stealing an idea from creatives to create her hit series ‘Greenleaf.’

Shannon Lynette Wynn and Lester Eugene Barrie claim that they were invited to the mogul’s OWN network to pitch an idea for a TV series named ‘Justice & Glory.’

Its premise? The trials and tribulations of an African-American family running a “super church.”


They’ve now filed a lawsuit.

‘Shadow and Act‘ shares…

According to the lawsuit documents, Wynn and Barrie acclaim they pitched the idea to with Oprah’s team at the OWN television network in 2014. In addition, both parties claim that Greenleaf features the same character names, identical themes, and mimic their idea in both its themes and storylines. Wynn, a screenwriter, and Barrie, a pastor, also claimed they pitched the idea for Justice & Glory to ABC, but were rejected and believe that the television network colluded with OWN to hijack their idea.

Oprah is yet to respond.


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