Gucci Mane In New Child Support Drama With Babymama

Gucci Mane‘s glamorous lifestyle hasn’t gone unnoticed by the mother of his son and she wants in on the action.

How so?

Full story below…

Sheena Evans believes the son she has with Mane doesn’t receive enough support from the rapper who she believes should spend less money on luxuries and more time and cash on his child’s upbringing.

How she intends to make him pay? By urging the courts to shake up the child support agreement they came to in 2011.

Back in 2011, Gucci and Sheena Evans reached an agreement on custody and support over their son, Keitheon, who was born in 2007. Sheena was awarded primary physical custody and Gucci was granted visitation. He was also ordered to pay $2,026 a month in child support, which was based on his monthly income (at the time) of $24k/month.

Sheena cites the large change in Gucci’s financial circumstances as her cause for concern and wants $20,000 a month, for him to take out a $5 million life insurance policy and $15,000 in attorney fees.


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