#HappyBeyDay! Top 10 Beyonce Music Videos Of All Time

It is the 4th of September again and you know what it is, it is #BeyDay! Today she clocks 37 and being one of the forces of our generation, she continuously pushes boundaries and experiments with music video concepts in ways not many artists have.

It was difficult to decide on a mere ten of her best videos, but here they are in all of their glory, in commemoration of her 37th birthday.



By far one of her most sexual videos, “Partition” elicits the ownership of female sexuality. The quality of the video is extremely high, with extravagant jewels and costumes to convey her wealth and status. The video gradually unfolds to reveal more of Bey’s desires, as she breaks free from her societal restraints and becomes the sexually empowered woman.


9. Countdown
While Beyonce was trying to make the Carter household a family of three, she shot this eye-popping visual that included the hot momma in a variety of looks from a bowl cut and flowy black gown to a high bun and flawless*** neon bright eye shadows to a loose button-up (no pants), heels and a head scarf. Even with a bun in the oven, the show-stealer’s choreography was still on point.


8. Formation

Beyonce fist pumps to her roots for her first post-Beyonce offering. With a cameo from Blue Ivy (complete with baby hair and afro), the braided Southern belle and her fierce, afro’d backup dancers bust a move in the name of #BlackGirlMagic and the Black Lives Matter movement. Bey also points the lens to the people of her native New Orleans and embeds a political message with a shot of a cop car drowning and a young black boy in a hoodie dancing in front of a police squad with their hands up in one of her most powerful videos to date.


7. Best Thing I Never Had

Though Bey’s real life hubby doesn’t make a cameo as her groom in this video, we’re sure Hova gave this dude the side-eye upon seeing his obvious stand-in take off his wife’s garter with his teeth.



6. Get Me Bodied
Beyonce slips on a black and silver metallic number to host the ultimate body roll party. Wallflowers are replaced with dapper dancers as Bey’s sister Solange and fellow besties/ Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams strut beside her, nailing every routine from the Scissor Leg to shaking their derriere and the “Naomi Campbell walk.”



5. Deja Vu ft. Jay Z

Although one of Beyonce’s least extravagant videos, she still stuns us with her styling and scenic backdrops. The entire video is just Bey dancing amongst all of these amazingly green locations, but it works. The natural world behind her enhances her position as the centre of attention, whilst creating a level of contrast from her stylised appearance. However, the shots with Jay Z take away from the rest of the video, he doesn’t fit right with the image already formed. The editing between shots does in fact distract us from his awkwardness, and refocuses our attention on our much loved bae.. Bey


4. Pretty Hurts
The intro to her opus Beyonce, “Pretty Hurts” is a mediation on the price of beauty and the struggles she and all women go through to remain seemingly perfect in the public eye. It also worked as fans’ intro into experiencing Beyonce, her most emotionally honest work yet.



3. Crazy In Love
The Carters follow up their “Bonnie & Clyde” collaboration with the funky “Crazy In Love” duet. In the visual, Bey rocks red heels, denim short shorts and a white tank while dancing her tail off in an industrial landscape. She then strikes a pose amidst flashing lights on the roof of a building before rocking a fitted cap, cropped satin bomber and lowriding, camo-green track pants for a booty popping bonanza. The then-dating power couple also stunt in front of a burning car just before Beyonce’s super sexy fire hydrant shower.



2. Run the World (Girls)
With actual hyenas and the amount of dancing extras, there is no doubt this video had a ridiculously high budget. The opening shot of Bey on a black stallion in the middle of the desert gives an entirely different vibe from the minutes that follow. It’s regal and feminine before launching into the dystopian world where women run the world. The women are dancing in front of the cowering men, intimidating them as more and more women join their forces. The narrative is simple, the men are trying to get rid of the women, but the power of the women inevitably prevails.


1. Single Ladies
A bit of a predictable choice for No. 1? Sure. But the video contains her most iconic choreography, and perfectly highlights what a machine her body can be. It’s hypnotizing to watch, which may help explain why — perfectly timed to YouTube’s beginning few years — fans chose to view it over and over again (along with helpful tutorials), hoping one day they too could dance like Bey.


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