Hilarious! Fans Come For 50 Cent After Seen Posing With Diddy’s Ciroc

50 Cent is finally repping Diddy’s Cîroc vodka – an unprecedented move that has shocked many people who followed their drawn-out feud.

Recall that in 2007, Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs became a brand ambassador for the then-struggling Cîroc vodka. He agreed with the owners of the drink, Diageo, that if he beefed up sales they would share the profit 50/50. By 2012, with his success in marketing the product, Cîroc became the second best premium vodka in the world, selling over 2.1 million cases per year. Before Diddy came on board, it struggled to sell 400,000.

On the other hand his arch-rival, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, is brand ambassador for EFFEN vodka – a company struggling to make global impact like Diddy’s Cîroc. EFFEN failed to break record like it’s counterpart did, and to draw attention to it, 50 Cent often resorted to dismissing Cîroc as ‘Puffy juice’.

The banters became messy, with 50 Cent going on social media to accuse Diddy of killing Tupac Shakur. He also alleged that Diddy is a homosexual.

In May 2015, the feud reached a fevered peak after 50 accused Diddy of stealing his EFFEN vodak ad. Diddy made him a supposed peace offering by supplying 50 Cent with cases of Cîroc enough to last him a lifetime. In return, 50 sent Diddy just one case of EFFEN vodka, and followed that up with more cyber-bullying.

Now, 50 Cent poses with Ciroc at a birthday bash, and this has stirred major conversation: have they finally made peace?



But the comments are more hilarious…

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